May 24, 2010

Hello there!

Read my about section for more of an idea on what I plan to cover here.

But for a basic idea, anything that impacts my life in regards to my challenges, problems I face, good things that happen, it’ll all go here. This is not a personal blog, I want it to be a resource  for people wanting to read experiences of someone who has more than one disability.

Yes I know this particular post is kinda rambly and not put together so well, but I can’t honestly be bothered to wear headphones as its too hot.


2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Tim Seaton Says:

    Love the blog Erica. Sounds like you are doing some really positive stuff regarding disability. I think if I needed advice you would be the ideal person to go to. I hope you continue standing up to challenges and conkering them. Respect to ya!

    • Ezzie Says:

      Yay! I’m chuffed to hear from you!
      Thanks for your good wishes. I’m involved in a couple of voluntary groups in Nottingham, so the blog is another outlet for my creative energy.

      I see you’ve got your own website and email address now.I just checked you out, and you look to be doing extremely well. Congratulations!
      its nice when old friends pop up from nowhere like that.

      I think there’s a facility for sending me emails on my blog. If you want to, feel free to use it.

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