May 31, 2010

I’ve done far too much today.

Among my huge list of conditions and disorders and deficiencies are weak muscles that somehow get far too stiff  far too easily, get tired far too quickly and that cause me a lot of  pain.


I’m at one of my friends houses tonight. The deal was she’d come around to mine for a night while our other friend is  away, and I’d go to hers for a night as well. I usually don’t like being on my own, but Friday night and Saturday daytime were OK for a change.


Today we went out for lunch, which was lovely. Even though the pub is only just around the corner and down a bit, we needed cash so we hopped in a taxi and got some from a local ATM, then got dropped off at the pub.

Our driver was kind enough to propel me inside and up to our table, as well as helping both of us use the cash machine.


I was very grateful to him for all the help we received, and to the various staff in the pub.

At the end of our meal, I mentioned to the barman that I was going to strugggle to get back  up the hill to our house. He asked one of the guys in there if he would give me a hand up the hill in my chair, and the man agreed. I felt as grateful as all hell, but felt sorry for him after a while. He was nearly 60, and struggling. In the end, I helped him out by providing a bit of extra propulsion.  Boy am I glad for those big wheels – and glad to have a chair!

Later when we got back I got on the floor and did some sorting of washing. It takes me along time because even finding a good position requires me to test the bloody thing out.

Then of course I couldn’t decide what I could live without and what I really wanted to wear immediately. I only solved this as I was putting the stuff in the washing machine!

I ended up waiting for it all to get done, packing the rest of my stuff ready to go out and by the time everything was in I was cream crackered.

Carrying my stuff up the stairs to this place was also a nightmare. The crutches which I use when a wheelchair isn’t practical go in one hand and I grab the banister with the other.

I was worried I might have overdone it as I arrived here, put  away my things and sat down. Now, I think it’s gonna be major crappage when I wake up tomorrow.

I’ve just gone down to fetch up some food we ordered. WE forgot to get cash out in advance, so naturally we had to grab it at the last minute.   

Now I’m about to eat my spoils, and thinking please let me be OK tomorrow.


For some really good reading around pain, energy and limits, go to  But You Don’t Look Sick and click on “e spoon theory”. It’s very worthwhile reading.

Happy weekend all.


2 Responses to “overdone”

  1. kay dear Says:

    Hiya hun, i really enjoyed the weekend with you. sorry you felt you’d overdone it, i wasn’t much use either. take care, huge huggles.

    • Ezzie Says:

      Bless ya hun, lucky I wasn’t amazingly pooped the next morning I don’t think. I’m always useless at asking for help. I thinkI need to work on that.

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