another test

June 5, 2011

blimey what a change. I
m sittting here with the best keyboard I
ve seen in a long while on my lap. I can
t honestly remember if I said so last posting I made, no, actually I didnt. I now have an iPhone and its great. All the fun things others can do like play games, I can do them too. as well as healthstuff liketrack pain, etc. its now a hell of a lot easier. We’re doing a loot more cooking lately since we tarted having a few rehab sessions to help get our confidence back. I’m telling you, cooking’s a lot easier when you can whizz around your kitchen in a decent set of wheels.
I’m also getting the opportunity to scare this lady half to death experimenting with what I can do in my wheelchair: starting indoors and going from there. Actually, she’s really good, not scared too much at all . She just thinks things through and sugggets any improvements to my technique. Apart from this, not a lot’s happened. That’s all I have to report, unfortunately. Take care all.


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