As a long time sufferer of headaches and pain in genera I’ll try anything to get some relief.
My fave concoction at the moment is lemongrass and peppermint tea combined. It sounds a bit strange but I just put a peppermint bag and a lemongrass bag in the cup with some honey and add water. It tastes nice too even if it is a touch medincinal.
My free advice: have a tea cupboard.
We use these
Tea has all sorts of nice properties to heal and comfort. I also love this mix for calming busy brains and would recommend it to anyone who needs to sleep.
If you don’t like hot drinks thed make them up and fridge them.
Now to post this and enjoy mypainkiller!
PS: please don’t sue! I love making people’s lives better which includes my own. I’m not medically qualified but have built up some knowledge with the use of books and internet and also talking to holistic therapists.