crawling forward

September 17, 2011

I am another step closer to getting my powered wheelchair.

After much wrangling between my Rehab worker and the Nottingham Mobility Centre I was very pleased to receive a visit from a Rehab Engineer  yesterday morning.

The visit was very quick and painless, and went some way to reassuring me  that I might – eventually – get my new wheels. I thought there would be questions about my bungalows state of tidiness – or lack there of – and wondered whether the gaps between furniture would create any problems. Luckily,  the gentleman allayed my fears  and said that usually furniture  is left to the individual, but they do recommend de-cluttering if there is too much in  a room. This is good, as our living-room is quite small, and the number of ways furniture can be rearranged are finite.

So, the visit happened, everything was declared to be ok and good to go and all that stuff, and so the next stage  will be  a  “driving test” around cones and that kind of thing, to see if I can safely use a powered chair. At first I will only be tested  for an indoor chair, but then if I can prove  I’m safe enough they will assess me for an indoor/outdoor chair later.


In similar news, a team from the Adaptations Agency came today. They are part of the City Council and are responsible for  making sure homes are made usable to the people who live in them. There was a housing officer and a surveyor working together, which was cool because it meant they could talk things through from different angles etc. Needless to say, I wasn’t sitting  quietly while they discussed my new bathroom: I used a good portion of my day’s energy propping myself up near the door so I could hear what was going on and interject where needed.

This is all for now, I’m stupidly tired and have to take meds before I can sleep: but over the next few days, I’ll write about my holiday and all the stuff that happened there.